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            On Sunday, January 19th , 2014, The Seattle Seahawks battled the Defending National Champion San Francisco 49ers in the National Football Conference Championship game. While this was happening, I was in a movie theater watching the Wolf of Wall Street with my girlfriend. So, I didn’t see the game. But I sure heard about it; just as you certainly have, as well.

            What I’m obviously referring to here is the ongoing conversation among television and social media regarding the post-game rantings of Richard Sherman in his interview with Erin Andrews.  Richard Sherman clearly had some words for Michael Crabtree. To summarize, in case you missed this, Richard Sherman is “the best corner in football” and that “Michael Crabtree aint’ got nothin’” (My words, not his), on Richard Sherman.

            Now, hundreds of thousands of people are in an uproar about the comments that he made. Many defend the comments. Many think Sherman is now just an arrogant thug. My initial thoughts on the matter were leaning toward the latter. Both teams played their hearts out and it was an absolute battle to the finish. For any one player to single out another player who clearly fought just as much as you is absolutely disrespectful. Arrogance bothers me. This was a team effort for the win.  But in hindsight, all this may be a good thing.

            I don’t know what kinds of thing may or may not have been said on or off the field between these two, but it’s obvious that the two are at odds.  Now, whatever their personal feud actually is between one another is their problem and not mine- nor yours. I personally think this feud is/was a wonderful wonderful thing and that “everybody wins” here.

            I have no doubt that the  public comments that Richard Sherman made had relevance to a situation between himself and Michael Crabtree. I’m sure the two were “calling each other out” at many points in the game. If indeed Crabtree was “talking trash” at any point, then I feel that Sherman had every right to defend himself and to be excited over win. I agree that, perhaps, he could have worded things a bit differently, but I believe and understand that he was “in the moment” and that what he said was simply just what came out.  In honesty, I have no interest in breaking down any of the actions of the game and it’s not my intent to support or defend or to even understand exactly what their “issue” was and/or who was right or wrong.

            In the end, what this all boils down to is a little bit of “trash talk” between two great athletes. Probably no more different than the sorts of bantering chatter that could be heard around a kitchen table during an intense game of Monopoly. “Trash talk” is common and maybe even sometimes healthy (helpful, anyway). It’s can sometimes be referred to as “being competitive” and it often brings out the best in people. I have no doubt then, that Crabtree and Sherman brought out the best in each other during their matchup. This was a close game that came down to a final play.  Any true sports fan should agree that blowout games suck. It’s great to get the win, but not much entertainment in the end. So now, everybody either directly involved or personally/emotionally invested in the situation needs to look back and be thankful for the great entertainment that was the end result. Sherman and Crabtree need to shake hands and remain competitive.

            With that being said, we can now look ahead to Superbowl 48. What we have is a matchup that, at least in this modern era, is unparalleled.  We have two 13-3 teams who have fought tooth and nail all year and whom have risen up significantly in a short time.  Both teams are clearly energized, excited and focused. Although I do have a favorite to win, I really cannot and will not be upset for any outcome this year. I know it’s going to be a great game and if I had to put my money on anything, it would be that superbowl 48 is going to be the most watched football game in history.  So, let’s all shut the hell up for a while. Congratulate all the loyal Broncos and Seahawks fans, stop calling Manning fans “fake”, respect the opposing players and fans, prepare to play (and watch) hard and enjoy some damn football!  Except, of course, for Tom Brady, whom won’t be watching this year.

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