A proposal to the NFL to modify their officiating policies

NFL officiating is a joke. It has been a joke for quite some time, but they seem to be getting worse and worse as time goes on. It seems to me that this year alone I have seen more “bad calls” than I’ve ever seen in any previous season. I could go into detail, but if you’re any true football who has watched a minimum of a few games this year, then you can surely recall at least one instance of a complete and utter botched call (to put it nicely).

More and more, the NFL changes and adapts the rules and add so many “clauses” that it’s really no wonder that the referees are having such complications and facing so much scrutiny from both fans and players alike. It’s time to try to correct and alleviate these problems in the NFL.

Therefore, I would like to suggest to the NFL that we implement a system of (public) “fan challenges” that can be used twice (perhaps?) during any game- much like the coaches have.

The way this could work is thus: The NFL will create a “panel” of 160 NFL fans throughout the country of whom have all been randomly selected anew at the beginning of each season. Football fans could “register” during the off-season to be selected to this group. Part of this registration process would require one to pass a series of test questions relating to the general concept and rules of football  in order to to weed out anybody  whom may be even more stupid than any of the existing refs. Additionally,  the question: “What is your NFL team of loyalty?” would be a required field in the registration form.

On the day following the NFL draft, a “lottery”  will take place in which five  (5) “loyal fans” of each team will be selected in order to form this 160 member “pool”( 32 x 5 = 160).  Additionally, two (2) “reserves” will we chosen in case of any unforeseen circumstances should arise with any of the first selected five (5)

This would create a fair and “unbiased” pool of fans whose job it will be  to “oversee” any and all penalties called in every game throughout the league.

This could be made possible by supplying the household of every selected participant a “Redzone” type of program or technology for each member to view these penalties in real time.  Each member would then equipped with an app, (Or “B.S Button”, if you will…) which will enable them to alert the NFL Headquarters if they witness any call that they would personally consider to be a poor one. Then, if at any point, a selected size majority deems that a penalty is wrong, then the penalty would be nullified.

Selected participants each year would be compensated with a pair of season tickets for their choice of teams valid for the following season.

The NFL is consistently attempting (or expressing the desire) to better engage and please the fans. Often time, the viewers at home have views that are alternate, and on many occasions, better, than the views of the on-field referees (due to overhead cameras and etc.). I think such a system would not only help selected fans to to actually “engage” in ways that they never thought possible but that it will also create new and renewed interest in the game knowing that the fans truly have a “voice” and with the increased knowledge that: “No!. It’s Not ‘F&#@$ Rigged!'”


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