“Ideas” : My latest Idea.

I’m full of ideas. I’m always thinking about the way things work and why. I’m curious and observant and my mind frequently wanders. Even now, I’m often that guy who sounds like a four year old whom is always asking “why”. Because of that, thoughts and ideas come and go before I am able to find the opportunity to act upon them. Let me give you some examples:

  • Television goggles: My idea! I thought of it while I was sitting at my grandmother’s house in the fall of 1987.
  • Shopping carts that scan your items as you place them into the cart: My idea! It occurred to me on a dreaded grocery shopping trip with my mother that was taking even longer than usual some time about 20 years ago.

Okay. So, obviously I can’t prove that any of those were my ideas first, but I assure you that I had thought about them well before I was aware of the their reality. And, so just as it was then, so too is it now.  Currently, as I type this, I think I may quite possibly have an idea to greatly improve an existing product that could earn me hundreds of thousands of dollars if I could ever market it. I’ve thought about it off an on for about the past week. I also have an idea for the next great geocaching adventure. I would like to write a petition suggesting that every political debate should be aired on a free over-the-airwaves network. I have an idea to give college graduates alternate options to pay off their student debt.  That’s about a two minute ramble and that Therefore, does mention  the countless things I’ve thought about prior to this, nor what may come to mind by the time I’m done writing this post.

What I’m saying then, is t that I think I am a fountain of ideas.  Maybe I’m not always “spewing”, with ideas but they seem to be constantly flowing from me and I say that with no ego. One always has to wonder though: “what if?”. What if I had written an email to the executive of said company with an idea and I had become the inventor of the latest silly infomercial gadget? what if I could become the president of the United states? How would I fix things?

I hope one day that I will take one or more of my ideas and run far with it, but with all of the ideas and possible business and personal endeavors I’ve though about, they are much too diverse for me to delve into all of them. And so why should any or all of my discarded and dusty ideas sit at the wayside only to be lost to eternity? Perhaps my great idea can benefit someone whom already has their foot into the door of one of the tech giant companies, for example. Perhaps a struggling restaurateur needs something “fresh” for their place of business. Ideas all in which are “good” if not great, and ideas in which I could perhaps profit greatly from;  but they just involve things that aren’t entirely suited for me.

They say that you should write your ideas down so they’re not forgotten anyway, but I rarely do. They often come when I’m driving or otherwise occupied and I don’t always get a chance to write them down. Some idea linger and I remember them, but I am certain that several more are lost.

Therefore, this is what I would like to do: I’d like to start writing everything down on a mini notepad. One idea per page. I’m then going to stuff each one into separate individual envelopes and sell them for $5 on fiverr. A “grab bag” of an idea. I can sell them one at a time or 5 for $20. And then, who knows? Maybe someone will have made the best $5 investment of their lives. Perhaps they will read it and laugh at the absurdity behind it before wadding it up and sending it straight to the landfill. Or maybe, they will know someone else entirely to give or sell the idea to.

And there you have it: My latest idea. Maybe it sounds absurd to you but it could possible be something great for the greater good in the end. Either way, It would be free for me to try and it would only be a very small gamble with great odds acquired with minimal investment for my customers.

So, what say you? Does this sound feasible? Would you buy one? Act now, because I’ll be stuffing them envelopes soon. But first….. I just thought of something!


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