Why blog? Why now?

So, I’ve taken the lead of Timyates9.wordpress.com (and thousands of others) and begun a blog of my own here at wordpress. While “blogging” is by no means anything new to me, it’s definitely “been a while” and so I guess (for lack of a better term) this is my blogging  re-birth

So why blog? Why now? Well, there are easily at least a couple answers to that question and neither answer is more correct than the other.  The first answer then, is “why not”? I enjoy writing. It’s what I went to school for and I don’t do enough of it. This gives me the opportunity to do so.

A longer answer then, is “because I have meaningful things to say and I owe it to the world to communicate my thoughts, opinions and ideas”. Understandably some (if not many) of you reading this are going to be slightly taken aback by the conceitedness of that statement but I assure you that I DO NOT think I am better than you and/or that my opinions oughtweigh those of your own. Therefore, what I really mean by that statement is that I consider myself to be a reasonable, friendly and intelligent person and that if I am ever going to have “purpose”  and continually “learn” about things in this world that really matter throughout my lifetime then it’s important that I share ideas, ask questions, offer opinions, speak my mind and  engage in thought   provoking and meaningful communications with people of this world.

So why now? As Rage Against the Machine once said, “what better place than here? what better time than now?”. Now, more than ever in my life, I think that being free and opinionated and focusing upon something more than the latest shenanigans of Charlie Sheen or the newest season of American Idol or the upcoming release of the ipod 2 ultra slim 4-g gps-navigation with built in swiss army knife…(you get the picture) is important. I believe there are better and bigger things that people should be focused on from time to time. While I avidly use my Facebook and I leave a lot of comments there (many serious, just as many–not so much), it’s much easier to post things there that require little thought. However, a platform such as this pretty  much guarantees that nothing is being said that (although not always necessarily “clear”) the ideas expressed within are at least important enough to the writer to take the time to type them.

So, with that being said and because I absolutely realize that I’m rambling, I will end this (my second word press post) with  my own set of “rules” that I have set forth for myself and this blog:

  1. I will write from the heart (I will talk openly and honestly about many various topics from the serious to the absurd. Nothing shall be off-limits but I will be tactful in my approach  of any topic that I believe may be a “touchy” one)
  2. I will (try) not to be sarcastic. (for those that know me, I can be VERY sarcastic. I enjoy and appreciate sarcasm, but I think I want my blog to be taken seriously. Therefore, this isn’t the place for me to use sarcasm.  Although you are welcome to use sarcasm at will in the comments.
  3. I will NOT write in a  manipulative fashion and it will never be my express intent to sound “forceful” with my words or to challenge or sway any particular view that you may (or may not) already hold. I will merely share my thoughts and views and that is that.  (but of course, it’s obviously open for discussion.)
  4. I will be open to ALL forms of criticism, praise, concerns, tips or advice by YOU, the reader.
  5. I will not censor myself (I will do everything in my power to protect the names of the innocent and etc. but if I say something, it’s because I mean it. My opinions are my own and I won’t apologize for them. It will never be my intent to offend anybody, but when speaking freely, it’s gonna’ happen. Just know that as a fellow human being — I respect you!)

And well, I’m hoping that sums it up and makes my mission clear. I welcome your comments though. In fact, I look forward to some.

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A ‘noob checkin’ in

I was almost this close to publishing the default “Hello world!” post, but then I thought: “Well, why have a blog if I can’t speak for myself?”. So, here I am. I’m learning.  I’ll do my best to not suck up in here. Bare with me as I learn the ropes and I promise to write something more interesting the next time around.  Thanks for checking in.

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